Irish Author in Biedenkopf


On 8th November 2017 the Irish author Shane Hegarty visited our school in Biedenkopf. He read from his book “Darkmouth” for all classes in year 7. At the beginning the author and his translator Birgit told us something about themselves. Then we taught him some German and he taught us some Irish. During the reading we could also win two T-shirts and a book. A boy won the book because he could read very fast in a few seconds. A girl from our class won a T-shirt because she asked a clever question. At the end we could buy his book and he signed them. Some of the pupils’ comments:

“I liked this schooldays because it is very interesting to meet a real author.”

“It was a great reading.”

“It was cool because we didn’t have normal lessons.”

“I am happy because I got an autograph from the author.”

“It was cool and we understood a lot.”

“Shane Hegarty was really cool.”

(Jakob Bernhardt, Finn Grebe, Luis Kretz, Felicia Matejic, Acelya Oluk: 7a)